EPE 2023 ECCE Europe Conference

With the generous support from the Stichting 3E grant, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the EPE 2023 ECCE Europe conference 4 to 8th September in Aalborg, Denmark. This event provided a deep dive into the cutting-edge world of power electronics and its applications, facilitating valuable exchanges with industry experts, academics, and fellow students from around the globe.

Participating in this conference has been a genuinely commendable experience for me. It was an invaluable opportunity with over a thousand attendees engaging in discussions on various academic topics and building connections. As a recent graduated master’s student, this event allowed me to expand my horizons and delve into the latest developments in power electronics and its applications, as well as gain insights into industry technologies that align with my career aspirations.

During the conference, I presented my paper titled “Implementation of Active Damping Control Methodology on Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC)-Based Arbitrary Wave Shape Generator Used for High Voltage Testing” during a dialogue session. It was an honor to share my research and findings as one of the representatives from Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands. I wish to express my gratitude to Stichting 3E for their invaluable support, which enabled my participation in the EPE 2023 ECCE Europe conference.

I sincerly appreciate the support from Stichting 3E.

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